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Women's "IF" Study

This study is for those women looking to further their relationship with Christ

What is our women's "IF" gathering about?

How does this fit with our church vision?

That's an easy question to answer!

Just like the other movement you'll see around here, the "IF" concept fits perfectly!

We're excited how God has placed the same changes in the hearts of many at the same time.

We are called first, to repentance as we realize our efforts to gain salvation are useless without coming to The One who died for our sins.

Jesus' first words as He addressed the crowds to preach were "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near" (Matthew 4:17)

Then, rather than finding ourselves running away from those around us in order to hide from the troubles of this world, we are called to GO - INTO the world!

Yes, we must continue to seek Him by the power of The Holy Spirit.

Yes, we must flee from sin.

Yes, we must resist the devil and he shall flee.

But we are not called to do this life alone!

That's where the gathering of the body of believers comes in. The "IF" gathering. Around the tables, in our yards, in our churches, together loving and sharing with one another.

It is our mission as a church body,

"To reach as many people as possible as soon as possible, showing them the love of Jesus and teaching them of His power."

  • God Glorified
  • Christ Magnified
  • Disciples Multiplied

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