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Parking Lot Church!

Let’s do this safely and effectively. These guidelines will help make our time together special.

Parking Lot Church

Yes, it’s now a thing!

In today’s craziness of California we find ourselves really missing human interaction as it relates to our church life and family.

So, we are working toward the next level of “In Person” meeting; For now it’s called Parking Lot Church. 

We’ve been given the green light by Contra Costa County Health to meet safely in our cars while keeping the required distancing and safety precautions as a priority. 

Here's How That Will Look

Automobiles will be parked facing the church buildings and we will have teams ready.

Although we had a great Mother’s Day weekend, we have been better informed as to the rules of having church Service this way. Please respect these rules so we can continue to hold services where we can see each other and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

Guidelines For Parking Lot Church

You'll enter the parking lot and be greeted and ushered similar to any other Sunday with us except, instead of showing you to your seat we'll show you to your spot.

There is a County Health Order (Click Here) - And Gathering Plan (Click Here)

Here are some of the precautions we must take:

  1. Regulations state that we must have a number of guests that will be attending. (Please RSVP below - Thanks)
  2. Cars will be spaced as to not break the six foot rule.
  3. Please let a Parking Host know if the restroom is needed. Rules state that the Occupants must remain in vehicles unless for a restroom break or emergency. There will only be one use at a time with safety precautions.
  4. If windows are down in a vehicle, face covering must be worn.
  5. Parking Hosts will be safety ready and prepared to guide you through the morning service. Please let us know any concerns or questions you may have as well as any prayer needs. This too will be hands off, but as we know; the power of His touch covers any distance!
  6. Security will be present and fully informed as to the “Highly Regulated Vehicle-Based Gathering Order”. (This plan will also be posted)
  7. Please keep occupants in vehicles unless you are a host or director of the event.
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