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Essentials Course

Who we are together - And what we’re going after

Essentials Series

The Essentials Course is a revolving class that will be taking place on most Wednesdays here at the church or in the church house, once we are released to meet safely.

You can complete the course by attending all four classes in any order.

In this four week course you'll get an overview of what we’re going after as a church family as we seek the heart of our Father.

You’ll also learn how and why we've started over to seek God's plan for this new body of believers.

As you complete the four week course, you’ll discover your place here as we serve together to host meaningful connections!

Revolving Course Schedule

Our Essentials Course is currently taking registrations. Dates will be determined as needed. Please register if you're interested in diving in and learning more about Oakley Church and what we're going after for the Lord!

Here's what it looks like:

Week One: Creating Connection

We place high value on relationships here. Making connections with people provides opportunity to earn the right to be heard in their lives. This connection is what allows us to truly be able to love one another. Creating connections with people helps to usher a connection with their Creator.

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Week Two: Adopting Accountability

To simply present the gospel message is only the beginning of a journey that could lead others to make a decision for eternity. This is exciting news!

But part of the journey of every person is for us to be accountable for our actions and decisions.

Adopting this accountability is key to receiving the gift of life from the Savior of the world. In this week’s class we’ll look at the hard questions and how avoiding the tough stuff only leads people to temporary, politically correct happiness, instead of the Joy that God wants to see made full.

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Week Three: Resource Readiness

To be sure the purpose of Oakley Church is not only clear and focused, but that it’s made easy to share, we will be learning how the abundance of resources in this world can be used to literally save lives!

Jesus has given us His words and blessing to “GO”!

To reach from our homes, to the ends of the earth. This would have seemed completely impossible just 20 years ago. But today we can build relationships with people literally around this world.

What is being used by the enemy to polarize people, can be used by Christians to unify God’s people and change this world!

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Week Four: Encouraging Encounter

In this week’s class we’ll look at the importance of not only spending time with God, but having moments with Him that we call “Encounters”.

Having times where we sit in the presence of God can be life changing for us. Having times where we actually encounter His presence can be world changing!

Encountering God and encountering people is what we’ll look at.

Not missing the opportunities that God has placed before us. Not missing the moments where we hear the voice of God and move on His behalf.

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