Annual event to build stronger families and a safer community


We will be back, Lord willing, for the 15th year next May 17th!

Thank you for coming out and being a part f a huge blessing in this community!

If you’d like for your children (from infant to 90lbs) to receive a free life jacket and enjoy an afternoon of fun, games, food and lots of safety awareness, please join us again, Next May 2020.

Thank You All For Being There For Our Community

We Love Our East Bay Delta Community Services!

Giving Back and Seeing Results!

Today is a great day to give toward saving lives and making opportunity for a safer community where children can focus on being children.

Our annual event happens just before the busiest boating weekend of the year in this community where waterways and pools are plentiful, Memorial Day weekend.

We've been able to bless this community for over thirteen years by building an awareness of safety for children. We've focused on Water Safety as our theme as we've given away over 3,000 coast guard approved life jackets for children up to 90lbs!

We'd love for you to join us in expanding child safety day to reach and teach more families in ways to have safe fun!

Your contribution is safe and secure and will go directly to the cause of this event as we share life and that more abundantly!

We believe in saving lives here, now and for eternity as we will be praying over each family as while sharing the love and message of Hope and life found in Jesus!